Sassy City Chicks in Miami

A few weeks ago, I attended Sassy City Chicks Miami. an event focused on fashion and beauty. I met up with the ladies from Wasabi Fashion Kult and Remix’d. Many local designers had tables featuring their creations. My favorites were : Dena Venable and Arm Candy.

The Sassy City Chicks swag bag was pretty amazing, it had a bunch of discount cards, a travel size bottle of John Frieda’s Dream Curls Spray and a full size tub of Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback treatment a curly hair care treatment for growing out naturally curly hair. I am in love with this stuff, it makes my hair soft, shiny and smelling delicious.

The event also featured Godiva creamy liqueurs, and Vitamin Water. Upstairs they had beauty vendors; they gave mani-pedis, make up sessions, and massages to guests.


Outfit of the Evening

My lovely friend, Kat Turner

View of the event from up high

Vanessa, from Vane Eat World and Wasabit Fashion Kult

Vanessa, from Vane Eat World and Wasabi Fashion Kult

Photo I took of my new friend, Tina from Wasabi Fashion Kult

Natalia, Me, and Elvi

Natalia, Me, and Elvi

Arm Candy

I picked up this cute bracelet from Arm Candy

September, Month of Les Virgos

Apparently I only hang out with Taurus’ and Virgos. September has been an event filled month as we have been celebrating a few birthdays and added some great new memories.

September 8- Natasha’s Birthday on the ocean off Brickell Key


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September 9- Vanessa’s Birthday @ Wood Tavern

We all gathered for Beer and BBQ over at Wood Tavern in Wynwood, to celebrate my dear friend Vanessa’s birthday! From planning the bow in Vane’s hair to eating spicy tacos made inside a car/grill, it was a pretty fun way to end a Sunday evening.

Vane's Bday

September 15- Natalia’s Birthday @ Essensia at the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach. The food was absolutely delish! Check out my pics below. Afterwards, we walked around for a bit. One great thing I learned about the restaurant is their “farm-to-table philosophy” . They have an herb and vegetable garden behind the hotel and also source food from local farmers.

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Last but certainly not least, Liz’s Birthday on September 22!

With the ladies at STK

With the ladies at STK

We chose to drink our Black in wine glasses

Happy Birthday Liz!


We love shoes :)

STK Miami

I have enjoyed spending all this time with my friends, looking forward to October and making plans for Halloween!

Learn all about Virgos

New York State of Mind

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At the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, New York with my cousin Diamari, where we enjoyed our first drinks of our vacation.

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In Times Square. We were exactly sure if we were going to make it out to Times Square, we had not really been doing any typical “tourist-y” things. We ended up walking right into it! This mini-photo shoot was fun, we had kept trying to get the Mtv logo in the background. The funniest part of this adventure was when I realized I had to pee, we ended up inside of the HUGE Toys R Us where we were entertained by the giant T-Rex and Legos for a good hour.

Sunday Cleanup, Miami Style

This past weekend was the one of the calmest I’ve had in a while. I spent a lot of time at home, unfortunately I did not get to go for a run, since it was raining like crazy. On Sunday morning, I woke  up at  7:00am, after a few failed attempts at going back to sleep, I decided to head over to Publix pick up some bleach.


When I  looked at the items in my cart, I had to laugh.  The Miami Girl Sunday Clean Up Kit consists of 1 bottle of scented bleach,  a six-pack of beers and a 7 day candle for good luck. I had a very productive morning. Afterwards,I got all dressed up and met up with the wonderful Star Bello whom was house sitting nearby.  Check out my new dress below :).