Thanksgiving Cupcakes

For the past several months, I have been slowly increasing my baking skill level. My personal favorite things to bake are cupcakes.  I must have made about 1,000 cupcakes since I started baking. I love decorating them, its another way for me to let out my creativity. My favorite part is when they’re done and devoured by my friends and family 🙂

This year for Thanksgiving, I will be making more delicious cupcakes. I wanted to share some of the ideas I am looking at and considering, in case it’s something you’d like to do. I’ll post picture of my cupcakes on Thanksgiving 🙂

So cute little turkey cupcakes, made with marshmallows and coconut. See the Recipe

Cherry pie themed cupcakes. See Recipe.

Really cute ideas from Duncan Hines. See Recipes.

Looking forward to trying one or two of these out.

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