Things I Love Thursday

Wow! I almost forgot my TILT! must be all the rushing around. Happy Christmas Eve Eve. I am looking forward to tonight because my girls and I are holding our Christmas get together and gift exchange tonight. I need a break so badly, it seems like I have been working non-stop since graduation ( and i have been job hunting). Today, is going to be harder than usual to do my little list, I have had a bad couple of days. Then again, thats what tilt lists are for. ( to remind you to appreciate the little things that put a smile on your face)
Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday on this Christmas Eve Eve.

♥ waking up early and not being tired
♥ knee high socks
♥ My graduation photos came out really nice
♥ My little brothers’ haircuts
♥ Zara
♥ Big Love ( I am watching season 2 right now) is getting crazy
♥ new blog coming very soon!
♥ chubby cheeky babies ( I have seen so many at the mall in the past few days)
♥ Christmas is almost here!

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