A few easy tips to lose those extra pounds

Happy New Year ! The new year is here, we’ve been enjoying the holidays and the weather is freezing. Now that the cheesecake and eggnog is almost over, most of us have probaly gained a few extra pounds over the winter holidays. Here are a few ways to help lose weight naturally by eating healthy and exercising.

1. Drink Water– many times when a person is thirsty they mistake their thirst for hunger.  Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This helps your entire body function more smoothly, as well as keep you from filling up with calories you don’t need.

2. Eat Green– replace carbs and starches with green leafy vegetables.  *FYI Spinach and broccoli are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Load up on these instead of a side of rice or mashed potatoes and you’ll see the results very soon.  ( Broccoli taste great with a little lime with salt and pepper, adding cheese is cheating, sorry!)

3. Lean proteins are best. It’s important to keep protein as part of your diet. However, some meats have more fat on them than others. Try to stick to lean chicken breasts ( ie. instead of wings) , turkey and fish.

4. Sugars in the A.M. Sugars are pretty much one of the worst things you can eat on your diet. However, it’s very hard to cut out sugar cold turkey. If you know you need a little sugar fix, you should have it in the morning rather than later in the day. This way you will have the entire day to use up those calories.

5. Carbs before dinner. Carbohydrates are used for energy, if you don’t use the energy then your body will turn it into fat. Therefore its; better to eat carbs earlier in the day.

6. Burn some calories  by adding a little more physical activity. Go for a brisk walk or a run. Do pushups! these are a great full body exercise. If you can’t do a full body push-up, start on your knees.

7. Need a Snack? Try a dried fruit and nut mix that you like, also some protein bars to fight off cravings between meals. Try to find some you like that have low calories.

8. Go Public– tell your friends, start a blog, put it up on you facebook and twitter, whatever it is, goin public will make you more accountable for your weight loss. This little added pressure can keep you motivated to reach your goal.

2 thoughts on “A few easy tips to lose those extra pounds

  1. Cut off salt or at least cut down, change all whites for brown, brown sugar, brown rice etc… Switch from morning coffee to morning green tea 🙂 eat 5 times daily every 4 hours… Good luck! 🙂

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