How to sell your things on eBay

1. Open an eBay account

This is a very quick and easy process. Click here to get started.


2. It helps to get some positive feedback.

I suggest buying some items to get some positive feedback. That way, bidders will have more confidence in you.

3. Decide on what you are going to to sell.

Just about anything goes on eBay, however I suggest doing a little research. Items are easier to sell when they are more sought after and harder to find. I highly suggest looking up your item or similar items under “completed listings”. This helps a lot when doing your product research. You will be able to analyze how “sellable” your product is and also get obtain a reasonable price range.

Clicking “Completed Listings” under “Show only” gives you a lot of information to help you make decisions for your listing. Items in green are sold, items in red were not sold. Viewing this let you know how much competition you have, what listings sell more easily and you can expect to sell your item for.

4. Take pictures of your items-

Try to take the most relevant pictures. Use simple backgrounds (like a wall, floor, table… etc.). Take pictures of any distinctive or detailed part of the item . Also if there is any damage you should also take pictures of the damage. That way the bidder/buyer will be completely aware of any damages before they buy.

5.Set up your “Seller Account” on Ebay

Click here to open your seller account with eBay.

6.List your item

Now you are ready to list your items.

*Tip: I suggest doing all of your listings on the same day. This will enable you to do the shipping all on the same day, eliminating wasted trips to the Post Office.

Be as detailed as possible in the listing title. Include as many that apply to your item:

  • Use Keywords in your description ( get ideas from other listings when you do your research)
  • item names and similar names
  • Brand names
  • Model names or style numbers
  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Men’s, women’s, or kids
  • material
  • any other details that stand out about your item

Having an easy to read, detailed description is important. The more detail you put in the title, the easier it is for your buyers to find it.

When adding pictures, the first picture is free. After that there some additional fees for each pictures. Their nice presentation and low prices definitely make it worth considering. however, if you want to keep cost as low as possible you can also host you pictures on another site ( ie. and simply add the html code to your item description.

Use the description field to fill in any and all detail that you couldn’t squeeze into the title section. The more detail the better.

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • open a paypal account (free, simple, and will make it easier for buyers)
  • Check for misspellings in your title (this could dramatically affect sales)
  • International shipping can be expensive and time consuming, so you may want to limit your shipping area

7. Answer buyer’s questions asap

You have to mind your email when you have listings open. Buyers will contact you via e-mail with questions, (the e-mail will have a link to you eBay account and give you the option to keep your e-mail address private).It’s important to have good communication since the buyer is obviously interested in you item. Also, if the question is something general that other bidders may also have, you should post the question online. Many times these questions may bring something to light that you may have not thought of, and actually make you a better more knowledgeable seller.

8. Ship your Items

Try to get your items shipped ASAP to get positive feedback from your buyers.

You can reuse plain cardboard boxes.

Use flat rate envelopes and boxes ( can be picked up at your local U.S. post office or on

The most convenient method depends on the size, weight, and value of your item. I usually do well with the flat rate options.

9. Give Feedback.

Feedback is the only way to measure if you can trust another party on eBay. Make sure you post feedback for you buyer and they do the same for you. If you have a bad experience, it is always better to attempt communicating the other party before posting a negative feedback score.

Like everything, this is something that takes a little time in the beginning but gets easier as gain experience. Good Luck & Happy Selling 🙂

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