Pin Me! Pin Me!

Pinterest is a cool relatively new website that has exploded in popularity in the past couple months. It is a interactive and easy way to organize your photos and links in a very visual “pin board style”.Essentially, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that focuses on images. So, it’s a bit of a mashup of sorts between Delicious and Flickr.

You will need in invite to join Pinterest which you can get on the website, but hopefully you already know someone who can send you one. (if you don’t just send me a message, Ill be happy to send you one, as long as I have )

You can upload photos and add them to your “boards”, which you can set up like “categories” according you whatever you want to “pin” on the web. The pictures are linked back to the website they were originally featured in. To fill up your baords you can search the website and see what your friends or other users have pinned. Pinterest also has a “Pin It” tool that you can install right on your toolbar for you to add content to .  There are even apps available for android and apple products. Pinterest has a really cool feature called “repin”, it’s almost like retweeting. You can search for comm , all your pins can be posted onto your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Some cool ideas for your boards:
Get Organized
Cool Products
Photo Shoot Ideas
Wedding Ideas
Favorite Outfits
Funny Signs
Cute Animals

Check out A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest from Mashable

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