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Hand Painted Super Sexy Shoes

I am in Love! Check out these amazing shoes from , Shop his Etsy here.

The shoes are all hand painted and customizable. He has booties and heels with glitter and rhinestones. His stuff is amazing. I am always drawn to the skull designs but my other favorites have to be the Alice in Wonderland theme and the Roses.

30 Day Photography Challenge

I came across this a few weeks ago, it’s called the 30 Day Photography Challenge,  created by White Peach Photography.  I will be posting the pictures on here each day. If  you are going to give it a try, please make sure to send me the link to you blog in the comments. I’m very excited about seeing what I come up with for these photos.

Hair Feather Fashion and Happiness

My favorite trend of 2011 has to be Hair Feathers. When I first saw them, I have to admit I didn’t know what to think, but after my bff convinced me to have some put in, it only took about 30 seconds for me to fall in love with them! Hair Feathers are a great way to show off your creativity and express yourself.

Here’s a pic of me and my cousin, I have in a grizzly and a pure indigo XL. ( that you can see, lol)

I get all my feathers from my friends at, they carry all professional grade rooster feathers. They have lasted me forever; some of my feathers have lasted me since August! I love playing around with my feathers, switching them out and mixing up color combos. My favorite style feathers are the “grizzlies”. The extensions last a while, depending on how your hair grows and how the clip is installed, I have washed, blow dried, ironed, and even curled my feathers. Now they also have Clip-in feathers that you can switch out and take off whenever you want. They are great if you don’t want to have your feathers in 24/7, but I still favor the extensions because you have more options on how you want your  feathers and if you have a kit you can take them out in 2 minutes if you need to. Continue reading

A few easy tips to lose those extra pounds

Happy New Year ! The new year is here, we’ve been enjoying the holidays and the weather is freezing. Now that the cheesecake and eggnog is almost over, most of us have probaly gained a few extra pounds over the winter holidays. Here are a few ways to help lose weight naturally by eating healthy and exercising.

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Peace Love Photography

I am so happy! I got my very first DSLR, and I am obsessed with it! Call me a pro in the making,  I am looking forward to mastering my camera and posting up some amazing photographs.  I took this one playing around with the features in the mirror and messed with the aperture, which is why the background is blurry. What do you think?