Black Friday Survival Guide

It’s almost here, some deals even start tonight. Are you brave enough to go out on the busiest shopping day of the year? Well if you are here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

1. Create a Game Plan

If you head into the Black Friday without a plan, You will more than likely spend more money than you planned , and you won’t get the deals that lured you in to begin with.

  • Check Out the Ads: Between you mailbox, newspaper and e-mail you should be able to find tons of Black Friday deals. This help you organize your day ahead of time, since many store offer earlybird/doorbuster deals.  Also, decide which stores you’re going to visit, and in which order. If you have your heart set on a door-buster item , make that store your first stop.
  • Do Your Research Before Friday: If you are hoping to scoop up a deal on Friday on a big-ticket item, go ahead and get your research out of the way as soon as possible. Make sure you look up reviews, if you are planning on buying a big ticket item for a good discount, make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality. ( you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse later ).

2. Compare Prices:

Internet shopping sites like help you in comparing  prices and getting an idea of what’s out there. Continue reading


Great vacation deals


Living Social is a great website, they offer really great local deals each day in many cities. The discounts they offer are usually 50% or more off, however you have about 24 hours to reserve it before the next deal comes out. I personally have grab a few, like $99 laser hair removal, $39 massages, restaurant deals, and yoga classes.
     This past week I received an e-mail from them announcing “Living Social Escapes”, where they will now be sending vacation deals! Who doesn’t love to travel? This is a great and very affordable way to add new places to you travels list or just get away for the weekend.

Living Social Escapes Key West