Graduation Cupcakes

I decided to make some more cupcakes for graduation day. The day turned out very nice, the only thing was how insanely cold it was. After graduation I went to dinner with my family and friends, and then I hosted a little graduation after party for me and my brother Luis. The main focus of course being my delicious cupcakes.

Graduation Cupcakes
Butter cream cupcakes turned upside-down, topped with a chocolate covered graham cracker (use frosting as “glue”), an m&m mini and the tassel made of blue butter cream frosting.  Continue reading


Graduation is around the corner

Sorry for being M.I.A. lately, I have been super busy studying for finals. I had a class that was killing me, I just took my last final yesterday. I am so excited about graduation on Monday! I owe you a few posts I will have new stuff up soon 🙂