Things I Love Thursday

Summer is here

Positive Energy

Mud masks

Orange It’s Obvious Nail Polish

My Best Friend, Melissa was in town all last week!

Dancing to Call Me Maybe in the car with my friends

Goal Sheets “A goal without a plan, is just a dream”

Planning events with VivaVint


Things I Love Thursday

♥ My Family
♥ My Cousins (including the ones I reunited with or met this week)
♥ Memories
♥ Making Photo Books
♥ Guacamole
♥ Shellac manicures ( has kept me looking tip-top for two weeks)

♥ Hole in the wall hipster spots
♥ staying up all night
♥ getting back into blogging!
♥ Roses

Things I Love Thursday

As inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling, here’s my third blog on things I love Thursday.

♥ Graduation Day was wonderful
♥ spending time with my family
♥ seeing my family get along
♥ Champagne
♥ How cute my Graduation themed cupcakes came out!
♥ Cashmere sweaters and scarves
♥ Hot pepper sauce (especially from the Bahamas)
♥ Big Love and Netflix
♥ Mary Kay Satin Lips Set
♥ I need more coffee for these cold mornings
♥ My best friend Stephanie slept over my house this week 🙂
♥ Dressing my dog in sweaters & pjs (it’s very cold!)
My Spinach Omelette
♥ Chicken tarimango from Havana Harry’s
♥ Margaritas

Things I love Thursday



Even though this week has been a little hectic, I had to take a few minutes to put up my favorite things this week. xoxo.

I am finished with school!
Graduation is Monday
All the tights and hats I’ve been wearing this week (it’s cold in Miami).
Living Social Deals
Cirque Du Soliel’s Kooza was absolutely amazing
Combat boots
2011 Walk Now for Autism Speaks Miami Kick Off is tonight!
MAC holiday gift sets
Victoria’s Secret “Naked” bra
My stockings with little tiny bows on them
The drama on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Red nail polish in December
I am so so so happy to be done with my degree!

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to my very first “Things I love Thursday” (aka T.I.L.T). Things I love Thursday is a weekly run down of little (or big) things that make you life better in some way. I read about this on one of my new favorite blogs, I decided to start one of my own as my way of reminding myself to appreciate the good things in life, and hopefully spread some happiness.  Hope you enjoy! Check out Galadarling and feel free to start one of your own 🙂

♥December is here!
The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
♥ Skinny black jeans ( I got really cute ones from Lucky Brand)
♥ Slightly cold weather
♥ I won a contest at work!
♥ Planning winter outfits
♥ Sugar face scrub
♥ Warm sheets fresh out of the dryer
Glittery pumps
♥ Laser hair removal
♥ Red velvet cupcakes
♥ My kitty cat
♥ Keratin hair treatment ( just did it again yesterday, it came out amazing)
♥ Blue long island iced teas
♥ Buffalo chicken wings ( HOT! with Bleu cheese & celery of course)
♥ Ankle socks with heels
♥ Mashed potatoes
♥ My new phone, The HTC evo
♥How well my hair behaves in the winter
♥My Blog, ( I am obsessed, and so happy I finally started it. I hope you also enjoy it!)
♥ This Hello Kitty house!